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Furniture Care Guidelines
Our beautiful crafted children’s furniture is the result of four generations of craftsmanship and tradition. Each piece is created with as much attention and devotion as it was in our first workshop at our family home in 1919.

General notice: Please be advised that, in order to make our furniture as safe as possible for your baby, the finishes that we use are more delicate than those used for the adult furniture.
The following care and maintenance recommendations will help to protect your Pali furniture.

  • General damage prevention. Please make sure not to rub sharp objects (like belt buckles or zippers) against the furniture Pay extra care when getting closer to the crib in order not to damage the top rails of the sides.
  • Furniture dusting. To maintain the beauty of your furniture, dust regularly with a soft cloth. Occasionally, wipe with a soft cloth moistened in lukewarm water then wipe dry with a dry clean cloth. Do not allow moisture to remain on the surface. Never dust with a dry cloth. Dust your furniture frequently using a soft cloth to keep the build up of dirt to a minimum and help prevent scratches and ground-in grime.
  • To prevent discoloration, avoid placing furniture directly under windows, in direct sunlight or in a damp area.
  • Heating. Position your furniture away from heating or air conditioning vents.
  • Do not place hot or extremely cold items directly onto the furniture surface as this can discolor the finish.
  • Humidity. Use either a humidifier or de-humidifier as needed to keep the air in the room from becoming too dry or too damp. Always use caution when a vaporizer or a steamer. Since moisture can be harmful to the finish, the vapor stream should always be aimed away from any furniture item.
  • Only polish your furniture every 4-6 months and be sure to use a polish that does not include silicone (or wax) which can damage the furniture finish.
  • To prevent yellowing, do not use commercial furniture polishes, pastes or waxes.
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a cloth as left over a prolonged period of time will cause white spots in the finish and some liquids (yes, even the baby's urine...) can cause severe damage to the finish.
  • Occasionally rotate accessories so they do not remain in the same spot for extended periods.
  • If you use a vinyl changing pad, please use a cloth underneath to protect the top of the dresser. Please be aware that the belt of the changing pad could scratch the finish of the furniture.
  • When moving objects on the top surface of the furniture please lift them instead of dragging them across.
  • Avoid creating marks on your furniture by placing a piece of felt or cloth under accessories.
  • Teething. Teething babies often chew the rails and sides of cribs. Not only does this damage the crib, it potentially causes the baby to ingest wood and slivers of metal. Please purchase a teething rail cover or a gummy teething rail guard. Also, provide your baby with other teething toys to reduce his need to chew on the crib.
  • Plants. Make sure that plants are placed in drip-off pots. It is also important that leaves do not come in contact with the furniture.
  • Be careful not to place plastic materials (lamp bases, place mats, etc.) on your furniture as certain plastics have ingredients that may react with and damage the finish.
  • To avoid marks, never write directly on the top of furniture surfaces.
  • Lift objects from the top surface rather than dragging them across the finish.
  • Take care to lift your furniture when moving in order to prevent damage to the legs caused by pushing or dragging.
  • Do not overstuff furniture drawers.

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